Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Day In The Life................

 A day in the life at the Magic Cottage.
Miss Freckles and Lady Snow enjoying their favourite tree, Mr and Mrs Duck chilling out because they feel so safe is just delightful. Moondancer and Princess Sparkles meandering around, and Spirit cat relaxing with his mummy.
The biggest gift of all however, was sitting in the garden and realising
 that two years ago there was no garden here what so ever, and now sitting in this beautiful sanctuary I have created I acknowledged how truly blessed I am, my dream is becoming a reality.
Beautiful blooms, chicken folk, Spirit cat and birdsong, what more could a girl ask for......................

Out to get you

Friday, October 09, 2015


 From a state of total neglect my little cottage has transformed more than I had thought.
Spending the morning scrolling through old posts I suddenly realised that I have changed this place considerably in the time I have lived here.
Falling down fences and void of life when I moved in, it had a feel of sadness.
Now the front garden is filled with so many plants and visiting birds that can I find myself transfixed for hours watching the dance of nature within this sanctuary I am creating.
Still so much to do, yet looking back I can already see that the love I share with this place really is radiating out to all those who feel safe enough to share it with me............. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Joy......

 The joy of meeting my birth family has brought a euphoria I did not know existed.
To meet family after a life long search has been extremely emotional, yet profoundly healing at the same time.
What I do find is that each interaction I have with my cousins is always a happy encounter, even if it is as simple as just having a chat and a cuppa.
Learning about my Grandparents and other family members is somehow calming to me, after a lifetime of not knowing who I belonged to suddenly I am having all the voids within filled to the brim with nurturing stories, and the physical contact with my kin is healing beyond any words I know to describe this feeling of contentment.
I finally belong somewhere.
As my journey unfolds I am now finding that I wish to fly back to the East coast of Australia and meet the rest of my cousins, Aunts, Uncles and I do hope one day my six brothers.
To be embraced by my birth family is a dream I never thought would come true.
I do believe that angels really did bring us together.................

Monday, September 28, 2015

Someone Once Told Me.......

Someone once told me,
"I believe in Angels"
I must say I believe he was right.....................

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lady Snow..........

Lady Snow one of my new pullets was learning to fly to the height of the chairs the other day, although later this same day she disappeared over the six foot boundary fence! I at first thought she might have been taken by an eagle until I heard scratching from the other side of the fence.
Luckily her sister Miss Freckles is not as daring as her sister, she watches from the safety of the ground.
She seems to like sitting on top of anything higher than ground level, and has taken to climbing one of the trees following my rooster Moondancer.
Having not ever shared my garden with chicken folk  until I moved to the cottage I have to say that they do surprise me constantly with their funny antics. Watching their interactions with each other and seeing the strong bonds they have is heart warming.
I am forever sending love to the millions of chickens across the globe who are not as lucky as my five have been........

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Ever Evolving.......

 The ever evolving Magic Cottage, little by little she is becoming the place of gentle beauty I was imagined she would be............